Friday, September 6, 2013

a very busy and stressful second week

My blogging will have to be pretty occasional with all the work I have to do this semester. 331, British Literary History, is killing me. TV dish and up by the solar panels. I played golf for the first time in a week since I have been so busy, and though me back was aching (I had to take some ibuprophen) I shot a 45 with some very lucky shots. I am riding my bike every day and I practiced my sax for the first time in a week this morning. My greenhouse is doing well with the peas at least six inches tall and a lot of lettuce up. I should be eating some within two weeks. I had a talk with Jeff but he refuses to admit that Edward Snowden is a criminal and there is really no point of discussion. Snowden clearly broke some major laws and to me the question is whether his criminal behavior is justified. There is no doubt he is a criminal. I am too busy to waste time trying to get Jeff to at least accept the facts of the case. My health continues good although I am tired a lot. Part of that is my irregular sleeping and part of it is the heat and the pollen, which is very high. I got Dougie the GED book and I offered to help him with any things he doesn’t understand. I think he really appreciates my offer. I will be glad to celebrate with him when he gets his GED. I got my first walk in this week this morning and the wildflowers are still blooming. I saw touch me not, white snakeroot, great lobelia, heal all, thin leaved coneflower, heart leaved aster, and several others. It was great to get in some aerobic exercise.

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