Friday, September 20, 2013

fourth week of classes--still slightly sane

It is Friday the 20th of September and my fourth week of teaching is over. I had a good class on Keats and a decent class on introducing the Victorians so I feel a little better toward the Literary History course. My other classes are going well but I don’t have many decent poets in my Poetry Writing class. I have the house in good shape and I will try to cut the grass on Sunday. It rained heavily this morning and we really needed the rain. It is supposed to rain tomorrow and that will also be good. I will see Gyorgyi for dinner and a movie tomorrow and that should be fun. I have made my reservations for Wild Dunes for the 23-27 of December (where I will see Gabe and Francesca and Julian) and I paid for my Big Bend tickets today in Lynchburg. With the thousand dollar voucher the train trip will only cost me 339 dollars. It should be a fairly inexpensive trip. David is supposed to come on Sunday and start work on the ailanthus infestation and I hope the weather is okay. I should be eating fresh lettuce from the greenhouse this week although the spinach hasn’t worked out to much. I will replant tomorrow and give it another try. I talked to Rosemary about this semester and explained how hard the Literary History course is and I asked her to give me the American Literary History course next time. I do have a good schedule of the spring and that will make my life a lot less difficult. I talked to Dean O’Brien today and we had a nice chat. He is doing well and I will see him over Thanksgiving. Cathy Gallo isn’t doing too well but hopefully the antibiotics will help soon.

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