Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving Break Begins

It is the 22nd of November, the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and it certainly brings back some somber memories. I was 12 back then and it remained the most powerful event in my life until 9/11. I have just started my Thanksgiving break and it is very needed. I have graded about half the poetry portfolios and now I have the tougher ones left. I have about 20 papers to grade so that is 2 per day and that should be manageable. I finished fixing the road this morning and it is in terrific shape. I also sanded the new stairway to the roof of the tractor barn and charged the batteries to 93 percent. After fixing the road I drove into town, played 9 holes of golf (46 from the white tees), road my bike and then headed home for a nap and a walk where I finished the waterbars. I talked with Kelly this morning and things are fine. I was a little down yesterday and I told her why and she cleared up a few things (she hadn’t gotten my second e-mail about visiting during Thanksgiving and she hadn’t gotten my phone message and I hadn’t gotten the birthday card from her and Lucia). I should see them in December. The greenhouse is almost done but the house is in terrific shape, the best in years. I hope to stay until 70 but who knows.

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