Friday, November 15, 2013

the last two weeks

It is Thursday night, the 15th of November and I only have two weeks of class left. I can’t wait. I got real sick last weekend and that threw me a curve. I felt awful on Thursday night and then Friday I had to take Hunter with Natural Resources around and then work with Mike. It was the hardest working day in a long, long time. However, the tiles are cleaned and sealed in the bathroom and kitchen. The radiator in the bathroom is painted. The guts in the toilet are replaced. I have an easy access ladder to the top of the tractor barn and I have sweep off all the residue and I don’t have to repair the other shingle. The house is completely stained (two coats on the back porch) and I have put the treads on with staples and caulk. I repaired the walking stick with a new tip. All the recycling is gone. The greenhouse is still producing some lettuce but the cold snaps have hurt output. I got the batteries almost full without using the equalizing charge so they are really changed correctly, from 1240 to 1270. My classes are going okay but I am ready to finish up.

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