Friday, March 7, 2014

First Day of Spring Break

It is Friday, March 7th, and I am enjoying my first day of my spring break. I finished reading Julianna’s thesis and found it quite good. I wrote my recommendation letter for Maddie, and sent my 310-02 class the new schedule. I did grade a couple of 321 tests and a couple of poems. I did the compost and started to clear the asparagus patch (that is work I certainly don’t like) after I did my morning hike. I washed the sheets so the bed is clean again. I had to give up on changing the washers on the kitchen faucet (it is now a cartridge and you need a special tool) and I bought a new faucet and a basin wrench and I hope to install it tomorrow. I aired my down comforter also. I did my yoga and weights and rode the stationary bike for 30 minutes then rode on the river trail for 40 minutes. I also worked on my CEA paper some and I shouldn’t have too much work left on it. The new beanies I purchased from Marmot are fine, nice and tight and they cover my ears. I finished sorting the maps during the week and tomorrow I may wander some tomorrow since it is supposed to be nice. I hope to fish, hike, play golf and perhaps watch a movie, although I will have to go up to the Grandin to watch the new Miyazaki film since it isn’t playing nearby. Overall, a very good beginning to my break. My finances are in good shape and I should be able to do a longer trip in June, hopefully up to Acadia and a visit to Merrill. A couple more weeks and I will see Gabes and Kelly and New York. I am looking forward to that. Gyorgyi seems to be doing fine with her wrist healing pretty well. I probably won’t see her until she returns from New Jersey. I saw Danielle and Claire at Nagoya and treated them to dinner.

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