Saturday, March 15, 2014

a quick visit to Charlotte to escape the cold

I decided to head down to Charlotte on Thursday morning (because of the cold) and that turned out to be a good decision. Charlotte was much warmer (about 50) and I played golf at Regent Park and rode my bike there also. I graded some at the pizzeria, and then went to the wingate to do some work and then head to P.F. Chang’s for dinner. It was my usual steamed shrimp dumpling, hot and sour soup, and a mix of eggplant and broccoli. It was excellent. I walked around a little and then pretty beat went back to my room. In the morning I worked a little, then went for an hour walk around the 4th ward and downtown Charlotte. I drove to the New River Trail but the trail had just gotten new gravel and my bike tires sunk too much. I drove on the roads for a half hour and then finished my ride along the river trail in Radford. I watched some TV and then headed home to see the job that Mike had done. He started a bit too high but it looked pretty good and he is going to put half a load further down and put the rest of the 57 in a pile by the pond. He will also be bringing me a load of crusher run and a load of 357. In the morning, I got up and went for a nice hike after working on my paper a little (it is pretty bad but almost done). I finished clearing the asparagus patch and then went back with the compost and fertilized the fruit trees and the asparagus. I emptied the lawn tractor gas and filled that this evening along with another container for the generator. I let the sun charge the batteries up pretty good and then I used the generator to keep charging them. I started at about 1200 in 1 and I got the charging rate down to 7.8-11 so I hope to finish tomorrow. I watched the Virginia game and then the Duke game (they will meet tomorrow at 1) and then took another walk to my gate. I vacuumed the truck of all the trail mix I spilled, washed the plastic in the front and cleaned the front seat. I also brought in the two containers outside the greenhouse and planted my second 8 broccoli plants. We will see how I do. Now I have three trays of lettuce, two of peas and four of broccoli. I spoke with Gloria today and things are a little better but I hope she can quit soon or I am worried she will get sick.

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  1. There's so much that you're doing!
    Your narration is easy on the ears; I really appreciate the way your "voice" comes across.