Saturday, June 7, 2014

maymester is over

I am finished for the summer and it feels pretty good. I am at Cigars International cigar store and bar near the cabelas at Hamburg and I am smoking a cigar for the first time in 6 years (I assume one won’t hurt me), drinking coffee and listening to my songs with my earbuds. This place has music and internet and I am sitting outside having put in my grades and I am hoping to get to writing in a few minutes. I got off at around 11 after visiting with the campers. I stopped to ride my bike for an hour at JMU and rode to the other side of the campus, which is pretty big. It is amazing how I am breaking so many patterns these days. I played golf with David yesterday and we had a lot of fun and then we met Suzy and Emily at the DQ and had some food and ice cream. Emily was so much fun. It was also great to talk to Suzy again, and she asked if I would send her a couple of my essays.

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