Monday, June 16, 2014

Vermont to Maine

This is going to be a catchup entry since a lot has happened since I left New York. On Friday morning I drove up to Bennington, battling the rain for most of the drive. As I got east of Troy the weather cleared a bit and I was able to play nine holes at a long par 3 course and I shot very well. After that I drove to Bennington and got my fishing license, then headed up to the campground on 9 up by the ski area. I stopped to fish the Walloomsac and it was lovely water and I caught 3 browns. After checking in, I drove back to town for pizza and a walk with my earbuds. The next day was still a bit threatening weather wise, but I did go fishing again in one of the tributaries of the Walloomsac and caught 3 small brook trout. I then drove to Camping on the Battenkill and took a nap, then rode my bike for an hour, then did yoga and practiced my sax. I had dinner at Mulligan’s and then went to the Fault in our Stars, which had me in tears throughout. I walked around Manchester a little and went back to the campground. In the morning I decided to head for Bar Harbor and after checking my GPS I realized that I had underestimated the drive by 3 hours, 7 hours instead of 4. That meant a long day in the truck if I wanted to get to the coast and that was my intention for the first 3 hours. But then after a nap, I decided to not worry about getting there and stopped at Pawtuckaway State Park for a long bike ride through the hilly and forested park roads. After that I drove on, expecting Claire’s e-mailed letter at any point, but luckily not finding it. I stopped to play golf at a first rate links course (where I shot a 45) and then drove on to Ellsworth after talking to Merrill about having lunch and a walk tomorrow. I couldn’t find a place to watch the game (Sunday in Ellsworth is dead) and finally ended up in a Mexican restaurant where the woman kindly fixed me some food and let me watch the first half. The game was out of hand so the second half wasn’t important. What a boring series. After checking in at my campground, I drove back to Denny’s and worked on my novel.

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