Tuesday, June 24, 2014

back in virginia

The visit to Kelly on Saturday went well. I was able to get a lot of big stuff to the dump in three loads and I trimmed some trees also. I had fun with Lucia though she sometimes wanted to be left alone. They took me to dinner and then I went to bed around ten in my truck really tired. I got up around 6 and drove to the Potomac, where I got a good bike ride in while it was still pretty cool. I drove more, napped, and then played golf at Ingleside. I ended up watching the soccer match at 6 and then I rode my bike some more on the Roanoke College Campus. I stopped at Walmart for supplies and then headed home where the road was fine with no trees down. On Monday morning I cut the grass and trimmed around the house, went into town for a walk with Rob and then wrote some before heading back to the house to practice and get ready for dinner. On Tuesday morning, I took a long walk, pruning as I went and then I went in for a walk with Rob. I did some writing (my FAR is almost finished and I started a new poem) then took a nap, then played golf and rode my bike along the New River. Then back to my office for a little more work and my lumosity training which I have gotten back into.

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