Tuesday, June 17, 2014

visiting Merrill and Acadia

Next morning, I got up early and showered, did my wash, practiced my sax and then met Merrill at 12:15 at the Maine Grind for lunch. I have known Merrill for many years and she always strikes me as deeply good, deeply concerned, deeply loving (especially with her husband and son Merrin). I admire her. She doesn’t have the histrionics I often end up in. After lunch, we went for a two mile hike at an historic house nearby. We chatted about her family and her nursing aspirations. After leaving Merrill I left for Acadia and went for a long bike ride around Eagle Lake. It was then nap time and after a brief nap I was ready to have dinner, this time treating myself to lobster at the Bar Harbor Lobster Pound. After that I walked around a lot, ending up at a tavern that had internet and writing on my novel. I got back to the campground around 11 and went right to bed since I was very tired. I slept very well and got up around 7, showered, and then drove into Bar Harbor for breakfast at The Two Cats (very good especially the spicy potatoes) and then worked on my story, which is moving along (1500 words). Then it was time for my bike ride (to Witch’s Hole) and then nap time. After that I headed to Two Cats again for a very desired cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin. I worked on a couple of poems (the Vermont poem needs work on the ending) and then it was blog time.

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