Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Visit to Gabes and Julian

I had a lovely visit to Gabes on Monday (the big news being that Francesca is pregnant) and my babysitting duties (for 5 hours) went very well. I woke Julian at 5, and cuddled with him while he woke up, then we headed to the park where he rode his wheeled toy and then climbed all over the playground structures, then went swinging for a while. After that we went for pizza at the pizzeria on Colonial, and then a wonderful thing happened. Julian is a little obsessed with the B-9 bus and I asked him if he would like to take a ride on it. (He said he had never been on it, but Gabes said that he had). Anyway, he really liked the idea but when we stood at the bus stop, he wavered a little, said he had changed his mind, but then decided to get on when a B-9 came. The driver was an absolute doll, allowing us to ride for free, giving Julian some peanut butter crackers, allowing him to make the final stop announcement, and letting him play around the bus while she took her ten minute break. When we got back to our stop, Julian thanked her and told her he hoped she had a nice day, so very sweet. Later, as we discussed our adventure, he said that though we didn’t know where we were going the driver did. Very smart. I took him home and cooked him some elbow macaroni and then after reading him a story, it was time for bed, around 8:15. The next day I played with him in the morning, and then I went into town to have lunch with Gabes after a walk through Chinatown and a stroll downtown to 30 Broad Street. It was a lot of fun and Gabe treated. After that I walked over to the memorial and headed back around 4. Julian was funny at dinner noticing each time one of us said shit, and I called him Little Big Brother.

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