Sunday, March 2, 2014

snow is again on the way

My lunch with Claire was fun and we had a good chat. I doubt anything I said will help her but I was as honest as I could be. My weekend went well, purchasing the new Stihl battery chainsaw, which works well if just a tad underpowered. The whole setup cost me 550 but I should get back around 150 for my old gas-powered chainsaw. I cut a bunch of things along the road and up in the orchard and it is lighter and I think less dangerous to use. I am sure it can handle 5 inch pieces but I am not sure about anything bigger. It is so much easier on my hands than the sawzall. Today I built the box for the new saw (made mainly out of scraps) but I will have to purchase a ¼ inch piece for the top since the clearances are so tight. I found out that Mark sold the lawnmower and used the money for himself and that really pissed me off. He should have asked permission and I e-mailed him that I want him to work off the interest that I have been paying. I have probably spent over 500 on interest alone. I have most of my grading done and my midterm ready for 321. The big news is more snow is predicted (now down to 1-3 inches) but I can’t stand anymore. This has been a terrible winter and I hope spring gets here pronto.

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