Thursday, February 27, 2014

Week 6

It is Thursday, February 27 and the sixth week of classes is over. I had a decent week and a good conference with my problem student. Boy, the real world is going to wake her up some day and she is going to be shocked. I decided to quit the graduate faculty because it is really an unfair program and what they are doing right now seems a waste of time. There are really no benefits to my being in the program and I will avoid the tension of debating something that I have no chance of changing. I helped Claire Hall out with a loan for her trip to Ireland. I will have lunch with her tomorrow and catch up on how life is treating her. I went for a hike this morning even though it was only 24 degrees. I increasingly hate the cold and I will be glad for spring to really come and for me to be somewhere else in January and February after I retire.

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