Friday, February 14, 2014

the great snowstorm

The big news is the huge snowstorm, with over twenty inches of snow. On Wednesday, when the snow started, I wisely got a room at the Hampton Inn (much nicer than the Microtel) and settled in for an amazing storm that didn’t stop until Thursday late afternoon. On Wednesday, I took several walks along the plowed roads and there were almost no vehicles out except the plows. I had done my weights and yoga and stationary bike at home so the walks were a perfect choice. Fortunately, O’ Charley’s was open for dinner though not very crowded. Thursday was worse. With all the heavy snow still coming down, there were very few vehicles and almost everything was closed. I did walk over to Lowe’s at about 4:30 but the store was closing at 5 so I was only able to walk inside for a few minutes. I did the stationary bike for 45 minutes and took another walk but the plowed roads were very icy and I walked extremely slow. I did a lot of work, grading papers, reading Gatsby, writing a blog, catching up on a lot of little things I needed to do. I had dinner in my room, consisting of microwaved wild and brown rice, pepper jack cheese, salad and a can of beans. It was fine with me. After that I did 40 minutes of the treadmill and watched the Olympics. I found out that Radford was going to be closed on Friday so that meant I was going to get a 5 day reprieve from teaching. I called Mike this morning and he didn’t think I had a chance of getting in today so I will stay in the Hampton at least till tomorrow. With the winds last night I don’t doubt that a tree or two has come down. I have to be patient because things are going to warm up a lot by Monday (45) with Tuesday on being in the high 50s and 60s.

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