Sunday, February 2, 2014

second week done

It is Super Bowl Sunday and the Denver Broncos are getting killed 29-0. Big surprise and it probably means that I will leave early. I have finished my second week of classes and things are going very well. Not too much prep and I have done pretty well with the first poems. The weather finally warmed up and I got to play golf on Saturday and I rode my bike yesterday and today. I went for walks in the morning the last three days. I was able to do some more cleaning up in the cabin and I got rid of a big garbage bag of junk. I am also 80% through the letters and cards. I will be giving my paper on Thursday morning at 8AM so that means I won’t be able to teach my Wednesday class. Mark B may cover for me but he has not totally committed. I will get up to New York to see Gabe and I will see Kelly on Sunday. I made my reservations in Yellowstone and got the last cabin for the three days in July (20-22). I am hoping to get a guide before and after so we’ll see.

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