Wednesday, February 12, 2014

fourth week of classes done and summer plans moving forward

My semester progresses well although I do have one problem student that I hope has now withdrawn from the class (which overall is not going that well). She is the one who had personal problems early on and then wanted to take the course online and had been very aggressive in class. The rest of the students are fine and I should have that class going in the right direction soon. My house is in good shape and I have made a lot of progress with the cabin. I got rid of the old survey maps, donating them to the geology department. I threw out another big bag of garbage, finished sorting the letters and cards, gave a couple of golf clubs to the thrift shop, and cleaned all my diaries and brought them and the letters down to the guest room. I have also brought down two drums and sorted out the rest of the fishing gear up there and brought that down. I have been hiking in the morning when it is warm enough and doing my stationary bike and my weights and yoga. I have done a few walks with Rob and some walks on campus and at Tech. I have finished four weeks of class and I think all is well with my preps and grading. I have signed up for a half day of fishing on the Gallatin, three days in Yellowstone, and I am planning on a half day of fishing around Buffalo with a guide. I also hope to hike in on the Tongue and to fish Rock Creek and the Ten Sleep. My financial situation is fine, and I think I will only be taxed on less than half of my social security benefits. That should get my overall taxes to around 6K, more than the 4K I originally planned on but a lot less than the 8.5K I figured on last week before I did the ss worksheet. After this semester I should have to work 4 or 5 semesters more, not the 6 I thought last week. I did a little work on my Horizons paper and did another Lumosity Training session (I am now at the 56th overall percentile). I had a nice time with Gyorgyi on Sunday, going to dinner at Local Roots and to the Grandin to watch August: Osage County (a well acted but very grim movie).

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