Friday, February 21, 2014

week five is finished

The last three days have been rough days indeed. My tractor got a flat tire (fortunately in the front), then after I got the tires off, my truck tire was getting a flat and I just got to the Nissan dealer before it gave up (I pumped it up twice on the way in). Fortunately Mike Fox fixed it quickly and I was on my way to Farmland to see about the tractor tires. I didn’t need to replace them so that saved my 300 or so dollars and fixing the flat was 10 dollars. I decided to go back and put the tires back on but that was a disaster mainly because I didn’t have enough long, wide wood to put under the bucket so the tractor could be raised. I got really upset as the bucket kept tipping off the wood piles I created and I finally gave up and had a nice walk up to the house (from the gate where the tractor is) and then I got some clothes and walked back to the truck and tractor. I went to Lowe’s and bought 4 2x10x8s and had them cut up so tomorrow I should have plenty of wood to lift the tractor so I can put the tires back on. My road is utterly a mess but after I get the tractor going tomorrow, I should be able to put it back in shape pretty quickly. My classes went pretty well and my conference with the problem student went very well and I think she got a good bit out of it. Five weeks done.

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