Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I can see the end getting closer

It is Wednesday and I have one more day of teaching to go. My IPD in the poetry class went quite well and after the disasters with the first two, it is a relief that this went well. I will have three more weeks of classes with almost no preparations left, just papers, portfolios and final exams. The hollow is really coming to life and the rue anemone is flowering along with bloodroot and twinleaf, purple dead nettle and ground ivy, field mustard and cress with the shadbush starting. The golden corydalis is starting. The coltfoot is going and the little yellow spicebush flowers are gone. The Louisiana waterthrush is still singing, and I have heard the eastern meadowlark in the pasture. I have heard Carolina chicadees and a pileated woodpecker. It really is a lovely time. I took a hike this morning, then got the house treated by Sam with Dodson, did my yoga and weights, went to play golf (47), then went for an hour bike ride. I was pretty beat by my meeting at three but I got through it and unfortunately the personnel meeting went a half hour so I didn’t get a nap until after my evening conference. I got some info on an annuity for my AXA money and with $150,000 put in, I would get about 10,400, pre-tax for life, with my estate getting the remaining money up to 19 years. That is a great improvement from my own 20 years at 10K a year. 2 and a half years seems more and more doable. I will be having Austin and Amanda out on Friday and then about eight students from the 443 class on Saturday. I don’t look forward to getting the house ready but it should be fun.

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