Thursday, April 23, 2015

May 7th is coming

A long time since my last entry but things are going pretty well. I have started grading my portfolios and papers and it is rough. The students want grades they can possibly get (based on their earlier work) and their papers are all over the place. Some of the portfolios are sloppy and weak. Of course there are a few stellar papers and portfolios but not many. I have resolved my student problems so that is a relief. The hollow is in great shape and though it took me an hour to get the lawn mower running, I did cut the grass even though I almost got my truck stuck in the muddy spot in the orchard when I used it to jump start the lawn tractor. I should have asparagus soon and cherries not much later. I have been eating lettuce from the greenhouse and I had to wash away another hornet nest and a wasp nest. I could live with the wasps but no hornets. I heard scarlet tanagers on today’s hike. I had a fine time last night with Maddie and Claire at Mellow Mushroom. It was interesting to see Maddie and Claire together and Maddie was very thankful for her present. Talking to Claire on the way there and the way back was also fun. I am not going to let the summer school debacle affect my summer trips. I will be going to Chincoteague and then to NY (and I will stay at the Hampton for two days before heading to Gabes). I am planning to go up to Labrador as part of the long summer trip and I may even head out from Colorado to attend Dave’s wedding. It may mean I have to teach another semester but I don’t want to sit at home and count my pennies when I want to travel.

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