Saturday, May 2, 2015

end of the semester and not an hour too soon

Classes are finally over. It has been an okay semester with my American Renaissance course going well along with the evening 200. The other 200 gave me a few discipline problems and the 310 had a number of surly students. I guess that is what they pay me for. I headed off this morning for the Cascades and I made it to the first view of the falls, far enough to enjoy the falls and not hurt my knees any further. It was spectacular, as the entire hike was and it was great to get back there. I texted with Maddie and Claire and told them that I would like to take them to the Cascades soon. After my hike I had a nice lunch at the Mexican place in Pembroke, pretty unmemorable food but hot and cheesy. I am rethinking my Hethwood plan a bit, since staying between Cburg and Bburg might make more sense, just as long as I am close to the Huckleberry trail. I will be using both areas quite a bit so being near BBurg might be just as good as being in Hethwood, and the savings could be substantial, possibly enough to pay for the two winter months down south. I will be leaving for Chincoteague next Friday and that should be a lot of fun along with the New York trip. I think I earned my trip this year. The hollow is in very good shape with the road in excellent shape, and the area around the culvert fixed (I put two large rocks by the culvert and they fit perfectly. The bluebells are almost gone but there are chickweed, wild geraniums, ground ivy, garlic mustard, and violets still to be found. I heard the bt green and I think the worm eating, and I had a great look at a scarlet tanager already. It’s been a good spring.

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