Wednesday, May 27, 2015

a quick trip to catonsville

I am up in Catonsville, having driven up yesterday in 5 hours so I could help Kelly and Alfredo fill up the pod they are filled to help clean out their house to get it ready to sell. I ended up doing some painting (which I am not too good at and pretty slow) and having a nice dinner and playing a little with Lucia. When I got back to the room, I decided to bike ride for a half hour since the Cavs were killing the Hawks. That was very needed. I got up pretty early, rode my bike for a half hour, then headed to Kelly’s. I noticed that my low tire pressure light was on and when I got there, Alfredo saw that I had a nail in the side wall. So instead of finishing a load to the dump I am drinking tea in the Bob Evans next to Mr. Tire where I am getting my tire replaced (at the cost of 235) because it can’t be fixed. It is covered but to work with Alfredo today and to drive home without a spare seemed too risky. This is turning out to be an expensive trip, with a hotel room and paying for the pod expenses. Oh well, it is helping Kelly out and I know Alfredo appreciates it. The past few days have gone well, with my hamstring healing and the house in good shape. The grass is cut, and the other little tasks can wait until my hamstring is fully healed. I played a full round of golf and shot a 47. My dinner with Cathy was a lot of fun and we chatted for almost 4 hours.

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