Sunday, May 10, 2015

catch up and new york trip delayed

I have just finished putting in my grades and I am done for the semester. Now I don’t teach until August 31, 115 days away. I will be heading off for Belle Isle in Richmond for a bike ride along the James and then golf at Royal New Kent. The next day is Chincoteague for a few days and then up to NYC for 5 days. Yesterday I got a ton of things done in the hollow, fixing the spot where I almost got stuck in the orchard (I took the tractor out and got two half buckets of soil). I put in the soaker hose in the greenhouse and that should keep things in reasonable shape while I am gone. I cleaned up the house and went up in the attic and got out the piano case and my good pack, which I may bring on the big trip since I could walk in a bit with my fishing gear. I charged up the chainsaw battery after cutting up the rest of the fallen tree by the tractor barn and using the trimmer around the house. I talked to Cathy today and she is very busy but hopefully I will be able to have dinner with her when I return on the 20th. Carla is calling again and that can go nowhere good. On Friday I started my trip to NY and on Sunday I am heading back to Ironto with a pretty bad thigh injury which is not allowing me to walk. I drove to Richmond, had a nice ride on Belle Isle, drove to Royal New Kent, playing nine holes of very uneven golf, then went bike riding at William and Mary and colonial Williamsburg. After that it was off to Chili’s for a frajita dinner and to watch the Cavs lose to the Bulls on an incredible game ending shot by Derrick Rose. LeBron wasn’t great and Kyrie Irving was pretty bad. I headed to the Williamburg KOA for a night of camping. In the morning, I showered and then drove off toward Chincoteague and I got there in time to check in at Tom’s Cove, for a long bike ride, with a walk along the beach, for a break at AJs then another walk along the beach before heading to Don’s to eat crab cakes and watch Golden State lose again. My thigh was hurting during the second beach walk but when I got to Tom’s cove it was killing me. I took 4 advils and when I got up I realized I was going to be out of commission for a couple of days, at least, so I decided to head home to rest my thigh all day. I changed my Hampton stay till following the visit to Gabes so I hope I will be okay to leave by Thursday. Otherwise I will have to rearrange or cancel the visit to NYC.

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