Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Almost ready to head to NYC

I think I will be able to do the NYC trip. With Monday completely off (no yoga and weights, no biking, no walks, no golf) and with hours of a heating pad, my thigh feels much better today. I even did some yoga and weights but was careful not to push any of the exercises too far. I have had another big salad from my greenhouse and I will eat the broccoli tomorrow. I was able to purchase the small casio keyboard so I will bring that with me on the NY trip and on the long summer trip. I have been working on a couple of poems so that feels good and I am doing some good practicing on the piano. The last two mornings I sat outside on the porch, drinking green tea and trying to meditate. My mind is so much a wanderer just like my body. I also got rid of some more books and some old files, which I will shred today I hope. I will watch the Cavs/Bulls tonight and that should be an interesting game. Today (Wednesday) turned is turning out very well. I got up early and cut the grass and used the trimmer so it should be in good shape when I return. I played piano, rode the stationary bike very gently for 20 minutes, did some light yoga and weights, then headed out. I went and played 11 holes of par three golf and my hamstring feels pretty good. I will probably go for a walk this evening. I think I am ready to head to NY.

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