Sunday, September 11, 2011

My belly is feeling pretty good even though I hiked with Rob this morning, rode five miles on my bike, and played an excellent round of golf (44). I cut the grass this morning and many places needed cutting so it was a good idea. It was good just to start to lawn tractor. I fixed the road with the farm tractor yesterday and the road is much better. I rode on the new river trail yesterday near Allisonia and it was very pleasant. I did about 8 miles.
I approved the deed for the easement but I e-mailed Janice that I wanted Jim’s approval before we go forward. I should get that tomorrow.
I love the cooler weather and I think cutting down on one of the blood pressure drugs is helping my tired feeling. I don’t have my results back from Rob but I should get them tomorrow. They should be okay. If I can feel more energy I may try and do some volunteer work for the food bank. I am scared to commit right now.
I am hoping to refinance my equity line to 120K from 60K. That would allow me to pay off my mortgage at 7 and ½ percent and start paying 4%. The danger is that the equity line can change its rate and that would cause me problems if it went above 7 and ½, though I think I have at least 4 years before that would happen. It is a little risky but if I can do it I will.

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