Friday, September 2, 2011

I finished the generator cover completely today, painting it with the Cranberry Red paint and I am pretty sure it will last five years at least. The moles or voles knocked down my clothes pin screens in two of the trays in the greenhouse (not surprisingly, the two with bigger seeds, spinach and peas). I bought some treated firring strips so I can build some frames tomorrow. I went into town to see Jeff and I did some work at Our Daily Bread first and then had a great massage. I worked some more at Our Daily Bread and then went for a bike ride up by the corporate research center that was curtailed by a powerful storm. The easement is coming along and I have to approve the final draft of the deed and wait for the VOF Board’s decision. I have given up on Carole Fraser. She is simply nuts and I can’t waste any more time trying to get information from her. I also talked to Alterra Power, the company which purchased Plutonic, and they have no plans for damming Freda right now and nothing in the works for at least the next five years. If I have to report back on my grant I have enough information to justify my trip.

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