Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another catch up blog since I have been so busy and a little tired due to my low blood level. Major happenings since my last entry include clearing the road to the orchard of a large Virginia pine that fell across it. I decided to use the tractor and it worked well even though the tree was about ten foot up in the air. I did get a couple of branches snapping back at me but nothing hit me.
My teaching is going well in three classes but one of my 200 classes is causing me problems. I had two chatty students at the start and now I have separated them, and students are coming late and that has to stop. One cursed me today when I sent him out of class and I want an apology before he reenters the class. The other three classes are going quite well.
I have the forester and the appraiser coming out tomorrow morning and that means I should be able to have the increased equity line by next week. I will pay off the 68K mortgage and I will have no mortgage and 96K on my equity line. By the time I get finished paying for the easement, the line will be over 100K, but that is no problem.
I went to Chilhowie on Saturday to see the Radford High marching band and they looked pretty good. I will seem Cathy, Lou and Maddie tomorrow at the Friday game.
I did send in a poem to the Appalachian anthology and I did send in an abstract for the CEA conference. I heard from Floyd County Moonshine that they will be using my poem about the copperheads.
I will be heading up to see Ken and Sandy in two weeks and that should be fun.

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