Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday was much better. My complete body rash, caused by the last blood pressure med, is much improved, and I only took 20 mg of prednisone after taking 100 the day before.
I also got a positive response to my e-mail to Diane Green, and I will see her tomorrow at two and I should have most of my tax preparation done. I should get at least 4k back on the federal and if I can mail that next week, I should have enough money to cover my March visa bill.
Rob and I had a nice walk tonight, just beating the rain, and he was in a very good mood. I will be taking Raechel to Appleby’s on Sunday around 3 and I hope George will give her a hostess job.
I did a good hike this morning, and went back up to the orchard three times and my breathing was good. I also did 25 minutes on the bike and I hope that will help with the blood pressure.
I had a good conversation with Kelly last night about her mom and today things went very well. Liz had the pacemaker installed and she should be released tomorrow. It sounds like Kelly can get back home on Saturday as planned.
I treated the wheelbarrow with Thompson’s and filled the tire to 30 pounds so that task is finished. I do have some lettuce in the green house but the cold may freeze it down again.

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