Thursday, February 23, 2012

I had an exciting Sunday and Monday. After a wonderful Saturday of hiking and golf, the first real snow of the winter came on Sunday. I went out in the morning and I returned by early afternoon and the snow started. After it reaching about two inches, I went out on the tractor (with the scraper blade angled) and realized I was about a half hour late. The snow built up behind the tractor and though I was able to make it down the road, I had to do two more runs to get things clear. On the third run, I looked up at the trees and realized that many of the big branches were loaded with snow and that one of them could easily break and kill me so I drove very quickly back to the house and called it quits.
In the morning I knew I was going to have to cut some trees so I tested the chainsaw and headed down on the tractor (with the chainsaw in the bucket) and started my work. I had all my chainsaw gear on (my Kevlar pants, my helmet with visor, my Kevlar gloves) and I had to cut up four downed trees. There were dozens of branches down but the scraper blade got rid of most of them. It wasn’t too hard to do, but I am not the chainsawer I used to be so I have to be very careful.
This morning (Thursday), I went for a hike and I saw that the waterbars were completely washed out so I had to work on them. The one by the cattle guard let in a lot of mud in the guard so I will have to clean that out this weekend. The bars are fine now but I will put more crusher run on them when I work on the road again.
I got my federal income tax refund so I don’t have to worry about maxing out the equity line.

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