Friday, February 3, 2012

I had a good Friday, February 3rd, hiking in the morning and pruning the orchard since the trees look like the leaves could come out in a few weeks. Having treated the two bridges with Thompson’s waterseal a few days ago, my hollow list is temporarily empty. I played golf in the afternoon and shot a 49 with a three putt on the last hole to make it dramatic. Then I went over Rob’s for food and a walk before I headed off to see Claire. I chatted with her a little and I think she was glad I came over. When Cathy came I chatted with her and her headache is still bad and Maddie is sick.
My teaching is going pretty well although I want to get my 203 class speaking up more.
My finances are a little better so I should be able to wait for April to get my tax refunds. I did cancel my March trip to save some money. The real problem will come in August when I have to pay for the summer trip which will cost me about 6500. I may have to take a few thousand out of my 403B and I don’t really want to do that. I will also probably replace my truck in the fall and that is going to have to be completely financed unless I pull some from the 403B.

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