Saturday, February 18, 2012

Today was another good day (high 50s) of hiking in the morning with Rob, fishing Wolf Creek (not a hit), and shooting a 49 on the back nine at Castle Rock. That happened mainly because I made a great shot on number 17 after I had blocked a direct shot and had to bank it off a slight hill and it bounced right on the green, and then I hit a 200 yard drive on 18 which left me about 100 yards away.
I sent Kate a funny e-mail and she had a good laugh. My earlier one wasn’t very funny.
Raechel is still a big concern but I hope things will go better for her.
I spoke with Dolores and she is doing fine and she and Jeff are doing very well with Marina. D is still planning to come out in May.
I got the last of the black plastic out of the orchard and everything looks good there. I have seen bitter cress and speedwells flowers.
My CPA Diane continues to mess things up but at least my state and federal tax returns are in and I should have some money within two weeks. When I get the money I am going to give Second Harvest another thousand.
I played golf a couple of times during the week and the weather has been fine, although snow is expected tomorrow. It should melt quickly but I may be out on the tractor tomorrow.
The green house piping has sprung another leak but I won’t fix it right now. I do have to get it fixed because the water spilling inside the house makes it more prone to fungus.
My classes are going well, and my problem class (American Lit) is responding well to O Pioneers.
My energy is better and I hope I have positive results on the blood test in 4 weeks. My rash is completely gone.

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