Friday, January 27, 2012

Ryan Klopf, of DCR, came out today to look at the property and that was very instructive. He couldn’t locate the smooth coneflower—it will be much easier in the spring—but he explained what he thought needed to be done to protect it and also what should be done with the Tree of Heaven. He is going to come out in the spring to work on that also. I am very excited, knowing I can move forward on protecting things soon.
I think I have a cold but I hope it is not a result of the new blood pressure medicine. I think I have a bit more energy but I am not sure since I may have the cold. I am coughing some (which could come from the bp meds) but a congested head seems more likely to be from a cold.
I fixed the greenhouse leak and pulled out the dying peas. I picked off the infected leaves from the other tray of peas and I think they will survive. I did open up the two doors and I think getting some air in there will help a lot.
I played golf this afternoon and it was very cool and windy so I had to wear my heavy jacket. I didn’t hit anything further than a hundred yards but it was my putting (two three putts and a four putt) that killed my chances to break 50. I shot a 51.
I graded six poems so far and read some journals and some of Sister Carrie. I am not fully back into teaching but I am getting there.

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