Monday, January 23, 2012

I have been on the new blood pressure medication for four days and I had three tough and listless days. Today I think I feel slightly better but it will take many days to determine if I am really less tired.
I fixed the culvert with erosion control stones and some concrete. I bought 8 10 pound bags and they were very easy to handle. I wish they were 20 pound bags but it worked well. The problem I had was the day never got warm and sunny as expected so the concrete didn’t set quickly and I am not sure it ever will. I have the a hundred or so rocks there so resetting it won’t be too much of a problem.
I have been taking hikes even though I have to nap after them and riding the stationary bike even though a nap has to follow that. I need to fix the pipe that goes into the 1000 gallon tank (another gift from Tracy that I feel I have to maintain so when I sell the property both of us will get more money). I was worried that I would find some dead animals in the tank, but even though the cover had come off (it must have been a bear), there wasn’t anything dead in the tank and I cleaned and replaced the cover, screwing it in tightly.
I saw Jeff, Rachel and Benjamin on Saturday evening and it was fun, good conversation, nose rubbing with Benjamin, reading, block playing and a little bit of carrying him around.
I thought the football championship games were terrific and I am looking forward to the Super Bowl.
My first week of classes went well and since I have smaller classes I don’t think I will have any disruptive students sitting in the back and chatting.

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