Thursday, January 12, 2012

1/12/12 Well, I got back into writing humor. A few days ago I was in my office and I went to see Rhonda to say hello and Dean Kate was there and very friendly. She asked me into her office and we had a great chat. She told me about the cougars that are supposed to inhabit the experimental forest near Clemson and how students set out piles of cheeseburgers to attack them. That was very funny and after I left I got inspired to write and I made her the center of the story. It was a very funny essay and she loved it. She wrote back calling it genius, which is very flattering but untrue. I do have talent in writing humor and I would like to write more. Perhaps I should try a comic story, maybe this summer.
I am in Charlotte, having played golf at Birkdale and eaten dinner at Carrabba’s. I will walk around and watch the Duke-Virginia game.
I left the house in good order and I have cleaned up the attic and gotten rid of two garbage bags full of stuff. I am going to work on the cabin soon and get rid of more books. I am having the generator serviced and it should be back on Wednesday morning.
I haven’t heard back from Diane Green but I hope I get the extra 2K credit.
I have to start teaching on Tuesday so I am taking a five day vacation before I start.

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