Friday, January 6, 2012

I have about 11 days left of my vacation and I wish I had more writing to do. I really want to write a humor piece but nothing seems very funny to me right now. Being two and a half pints low on blood doesn’t seem very funny and though the republican primaries and debates have their humorous moments, I can’t get motivated. I need something interesting to happen, like waking up and finding a 15 foot crocodile in my pond (rather unlikely since they like warmer climes and brackish water). I am very happy hiking each day out to the orchard, shouting to the trees that they won’t be cut and asking the big white pine for healing, for me and others. But what is funny about that? I am enjoying golf but that isn’t very funny. I know I will be funny when class starts again but I need something right now. I may go down to Columbia in five days and spend the end of my break down there but that isn’t funny. My friend Gloria is not feeling well but that certainly isn’t funny.

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