Sunday, January 15, 2012

My mini vacation has gone well, although I have injured my shoulder playing golf yesterday. I knew it was tender but I played anyway and I am paying for such indulgence. I even took three advils to kill the pain and I used the heating pad for a couple of hours. My visit to Columbia went very well and I rode the bike out along the sims trail and then I hiked along the river trail. I haven’t been that far out for a long time. I biked alone the river and ate dinner at Motor Supply and the triggerfish was terrific. I drove back up to Charlotte yesterday and I will go back home tomorrow, on Monday. I want to get the generator early if I can and I don’t need the extra day. I got a nice e-mail from Kate about her inspiring me and I did e-mail a woman in Salem who was looking for a friend and that is where I am. Rob wrote Raechel a terrific letter about here responsibilities as an adult and I hope it has some effect. I started a couple of poems but they don’t seem to be going anywhere. We’ll see. My financial picture is not very good now. I have 116K on the equity line (the limit is 120) and I really have to be careful for a while. I was very generous over the holidays but I have to cut back.

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