Friday, January 20, 2012

Things are okay but my blood level has gone down a little more. Rob has taken me off the two blood pressure meds and is hoping that the meds are what is causing my blood problem. It is a slim chance, but worth trying before more major tests.
I took a hike this morning, then a nap, some stationary bike riding, then a nap, weights and yoga, then a nap. I am really incredibly tired. I really have to push hard to accomplish much.
My shoulder is better, but I haven’t tested it because of the weather. No snow for the next ten days so that is good. Both Cathy and Kelly aren’t feeling very good so that worries me.
I started teaching on Tuesday and I think my classes will be fine. I have 25 students in 203, 25 in 321 and 15 in 310 so I shouldn’t be overwhelmed with grading, though my preps will be about the same. I could hardly walk back to my office after the second Tuesday class.
I am having someone out next week to guide me on protecting the smooth coneflower and give me some advice on the Tree of Paradise.
My money situation is about the same so I have to be careful.

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