Thursday, March 1, 2012

I finished cleaning out the cattle guard and fixing the water bars and I also used the tractor blade at an inward angle to bring in a lot of dirt and leaves to the middle of the road. I did both sides twice and then I straightened the blade and kept it about an inch off the ground and it leveled things out pretty well. The road is much better and I think I will do it again.
I also used the tractor bucket to clear the orchard road of the two trees which had fallen on it. The snow wasn’t too bad but it did cause me a lot of work.
I have been seeing small flowered bitter cress for almost three weeks and on the 24th of February, coltsfoot appeared, much earlier than usual.
My classes are going well and I am now on spring break so I can relax a bit. Unless the weather gets miserable, I think I am going to stay around. Perhaps I’ll drive down to Charlotte for a couple of days. It is very pretty in the fourth ward in early spring.
I think my proposals for the Creative Writing Concentration and the Creative Writing Minor are going to work.
I talked to Jed Sisson and we are going to stock the north fork next week. He wants about 200 fish with 10 large ones and I want 50 for the stretch between the hollow gate and the ford. It should be a lot of fun once we get them in. I will also get the 2 small ones for my pond. I am going to spend $275 and Jed will pay for the rest of the $750.
I am not sleeping very well but my headache stopped after reducing the blood pressure medication.

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