Friday, April 19, 2013

second bombing suspect captured

Friday, April 19 and I only have two weeks left of class and one week of finals. My teaching went well this week and I don’t have too many poems to read this weekend. The big news is that they captured the second bombing suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings. That is a great relief. Things in the hollow are fine. I took out the solar charger pole and cut the ground so all is covered now and seeded. I also scraped a path to the shed and seeded that. With rain the last couple of days, the grass should do okay. The heavy rain today beat up my road again so I will be out on the tractor in a few days fixing it. I found out the propane people came and now I have 92% in the 100 gallon tank and 90% in the 500. My road is much safer. Gyorgyi’s visit with Andrew, Sylvia and Laura on Wednesday went very well with the bluebells at peak. Gyorgyi wasn’t feeling so well so we went back after a quick viewing. I got to play a quick round of golf and shot a 43 with my driver working extremely well. I hit one on the first hole that went close to 200 yards, very unusual for me. The Coleman and Nan Lacy reading went well, with about 25 people in attendance.

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