Friday, April 12, 2013

the house is almost completely clean

There was an incredible rain last night and my road is a mess again. Oh well, it is good to have rain. I took a hike this morning to the orchard and the trees all have leaves starting or out. The solar charger is dead so I shut it off and cut the wires so I will be able to drive my truck right up to the shed. I will get rid of the rest of the wires soon. There really is no need for the electric fence anymore since the trees are all at least seven feet tall. There is going to be plenty of fruit this summer. No asparagus yet but bloodroot, rue anemone, cut leaved toothwort, spring beauties in the hollow with ground ivy up by the orchard. Dutchman’s breeches and twinleaf along the pasture road. I got my check from the feds so now I shouldn’t have to touch the equity line until September, when I return from the Alaska trip. I should get 1450 back from the Savannah trip and then I will get 3800 from Maymester. I played golf and shot a 46 on a very sunny and slightly windy day. Later I watched Tiger shoot a 71 with a really unfortunate break on the 15th hole when his third shot hit the pin and bounced in the water. He is three behind Jason Day so he still has a good chance. On my way out I rode my bike in the second pasture and it was quite beautiful with the twilight coming in softly. I have almost finished cleaning the entire house with the new Dyson vacuum. It has amazing power and all I have to finish is the bathroom. I got rid of all the books that I can’t keep because of the dust and mold, so I can now open up the guestroom again.

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