Wednesday, April 24, 2013

winding down

It is Wednesday, April 24, and I just finished 18 holes of golf with Craig Waggaman on the River Course. I played pretty well, missed four short putts, but hung close, took the lead for the first time on 17 and then won 18. I treated him to lunch and it was a fun morning. After a quick nap, I rode my bike for 7 miles along the river and then headed to my office. Mark and David came over on Sunday and David finished up thinning the trees near the smooth coneflower and Mark treated the two bridges, the porch, the shed and I treated the wood by the gate. The greenhouse is producing and the new lettuce is fine and the peas are all doing well. The strawberries have a lot of flowers. The orchard trees are loaded with flowers, and I will put a grease band around the sweet cherry to protect it from ants. My schedule in the fall had to be changed so I will be teaching 5 days next semester, with a 12 pm MWF 200. The advantage is that I will have Monday and Wednesday early afternoons free so golf will be easier.

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