Saturday, May 4, 2013

a difficult day works out in the end

It is Saturday, May 4, and what seemed to start out as a difficult day ended quite well. I slept reasonable well and when I got up I decided to take a needed hike because I went overboard on my diet the last two days. I was down to 208 and I’ll bet I am close to 212. Anyway, my overeating bothered me and then Mark Burnette coming at 11 got me a little upset (I got myself worked up that Mark should be more appreciative of my generosity and that he should hustle today), and then I couldn’t see a scarlet tanager (my fourth day trying, though I hear many all the time), and I felt a little lonely. So I was all over the place but the hike did calm me a little. The wild geranium was at peak, and star chickweed is also peaking. The lovely fire pinks are at their best but the major spring thrust is over. When I returned to the house I packed up 4 bags of garbage from the cabin (7 bags this week) and decided to get gas and get rid of the garbage. That went well and I got back by 10:20 so I went back up to the cabin to get rid of the last box of books. When Mark came I was much calmer and I had him go to work on the road to the orchard while I took a nap then practiced then did my weights and yoga. After picking Mark up (with about 2/3 of the road cleared), I had him finish off the ditch I dug with the tractor (it has dried out quite a bit) which I think will keep the road dry. Then I went up with the tractor and got rid of the pieces David had cut and Mark’s strength was a great asset. I also scraped the road up to the panel and they should be fine till at least midsummer. After that I had Mark clear a path up to the cherry tree in the cabin orchard, and clear the path along the orchard, while I took a shower. I drove into Blacksburg and rode 4 times on my CRC path to try to burn a few more calories and then I drove to Radford to e-mail Pat about her Mom and then watch the Kentucky Derby (where I won over 300 dollars on Orb). I had a nice chat with Kate and it is time for a walk.

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