Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend is proving relaxing

Golf yesterday was quite good, shooting a 47 and making a lot of decent shots. I then went to dinner with Cathy and we talked and talked until after 10. There are things going on that she has to address. I drove home and the campers were still up so I chatted with them for a half hour and then went home and watched a Denzel Washington film, Déjà vu. I got up around 8 and slowly went on a hike to the orchard (3 times to the top) and then went back to the house and got rid of two bags of junk from the shed, got the rake out to replace the one at the orchard, checked the tire behind the cabin (it will not fit), and moved the rock on the path to my orchard. I did my weights and yoga and I headed out about noon, and I will see Jeff at Nawab at 7.

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