Sunday, May 5, 2013

the mysterious 5 amps

It is Sunday, May 5, and though it is drizzling outside, I am comfortable in the Barnes and Noble. I knew it was going to rain so I got my hike in early (and finished almost all of the orchard road trimming), then weights and yoga, then off to play golf at Castle Rock, where I ended up playing 17 holes with a 49 somewhere in there. I followed the golf with a bike ride along Craig Creek for 40 minutes, then I drove to Appleby’s to watch the Knicks but I got too tired and went out to take a nap. I awoke ready for Iron Man III and just got in to the 5:20 showing. It was very impressive and I enjoyed it very much. I called David King about the septic (the 5 extra amps are going to the septic system, which I ascertained this morning) but I hadn’t heard from him so I shut off the septic when I left. I hope that it won’t cause a lot of problems but otherwise I will have no juice and I don’t want to damage the unit with the mysterious 5 extra amps. It may be time for David to put in the alternative system, and I will try to talk to him tomorrow. I did send Herb a congratulatory e-mail but I haven’t heard back from him and I really don’t care what happens. Both he and Susan have acted poorly in my view and that is sad but not something I am going to continue to be a part of. My aunt Marie is okay so I won’t be going up there right now but I have no idea about what is going to happen. I failed again to see a scarlet tanager but indigo buntings were singing along with the worm-eating warbler, wood thrushes, meadowlarks and gold finches. I felt much better today even though the septic system is causing me some concern.

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