Saturday, May 25, 2013

first week of Maymester is over

It is Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend and I have had a pretty good day so far. After a hike out to the campers in the pasture, I hiked up to the orchard and continued to trim it. I got home in time to do weights and yoga and then I headed out to find that Chris needed a jump which I gladly supplied. I then went to the CRC and rode my bike, ending up on the Huckleberry trail to the library because it was so windy. After my bike ride I took a nap and I am relaxing in Starbucks before I play golf and then have dinner with Cathy. I talked to Gyorgyi this morning and we are going to have dinner on Thursday. I also spoke to Lazlo for a few minutes. My first week of Maymester has gone pretty well, although Bryan has only come to 2 classes so far and that may cause me a problem. It is great to spend so much time with each student’s writing and they are all improving. I have eaten strawberries and lettuce from the greenhouse and I fixed the new knee brace with a neoprene patch. I will fix the old one tomorrow. The house is in good shape, and I don’t have much to do on my project list. It was special to see the scarlet tanagers two days in a row.

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