Sunday, May 12, 2013

The semester is over

It is Sunday the 12th and I had a very good day. First, since I stayed up until 12:30, I slept through the night. When I got up around 9, I decided to take a hike to the orchard and I was almost there when I called Rob and he wanted to take a walk so I went straight back, got dressed and met Rob at the trail at 11:15. It was a nice walk and we saw a blue grosbeak pair at the end of our walk. After our walk I drove out to Narrows and Wolf Creek, though high, looked like it might be okay upstream. I drove for about 15 miles, took a nap, drive to Rocky Gap and then followed Clear Creek up about 5 miles, finally fishing on the way back even though the water was still pretty high but clear enough to fish. I then drove back to check out Wolf further up but it was no better. I drove back Radford, rode my bike for nine miles, then had dinner at Appleby’s while watching Tiger win the Players by two shots in an exciting ending that was tied at 17. I walked a bit near Barnes and Noble and then sat down to my coffee and cookies. On Saturday I attended graduation and did a good job keeping the photographers from getting too close to the college ceremony where Kate was shaking hands and posing with the graduates for photos. After the ceremony I went and played golf without getting rained on and also got to ride my bike eight miles. My grades are in so I am free until the following Monday when I start Maymester. Tomorrow I head off to Richmond where I hope to go bike riding on Belle Isle and perhaps have dinner on that street near the Omni.

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