Thursday, May 9, 2013

the septic is fixed

Today, Thursday, May 9th was a wonderful day. It started with a full night’s sleep, then a fine hike up to the orchard. I did my three pushes up the hill, ate a couple of stalks of fresh asparagus, and then walked back home in brilliant sunshine. After weights and yoga and washing the dishes, I headed off to play golf with a stop at the landfill to finally get rid of the old blue camping propane bottles. Golf was very good and I shot a 47 although I could have scored a few strokes better. After golf I headed off to my office, and entered almost all of my grades. It was now time to head to the Blue Ridge Parkway (mile marker 99) for about ten miles of biking. The scenery was stunning and the warm sun rich like new coined gold. After my biking I drove to Carrabba’s for a very good meal (only two little pieces of bread) of salad and pasta Weesie. Following that I headed to the Salem Starbucks. Yesterday David King came out and easily fixed and serviced the septic. The heater mat was staying on so he disconnected it and checked everything else out. I only had to spend 300 but I gave him a nice tip. My upper culvert project was basically a waste of time, although I will keep a small ditch clear to run the spring and rain water to a spot below the bad part of the road. The culvert itself is under 2 feet of thick mud. I took the heavy gear oil out and I will give two of the containers to Mike tomorrow. I am getting more and more cleaned up and I like the feeling. My aunt Marie is doing better and I think I will head off for Chincoteague on Tuesday at the latest (since I may have dinner with Gyorgyi on Monday).

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