Friday, June 7, 2013

hectic last week of maymester

This has been a trying week to be sure. I have had problems with a student that I think is finally resolved. I had to dig out two deer ticks and I am on antibiotics for two weeks. My generator was having problems and it is at All Seasons to be repaired (which no doubt will cost me over two hundred dollars). It means I had to turn off the septic and the fan for a couple of days but I did get the solar charged up to 100% (what the specific gravity was I have no idea) and it was at 94 when I left this morning (drawing .4-.5). It is supposed to be sunny on Saturday and if it charges a bit I might put the septic on and maybe even the fan. I have the hollow in very good shape, with a lot of cleaning done and all the little tasks fixed. I will probably miss the cherries and the greenhouse is basically finished for the summer. I had a very interesting experience a few days ago. I was getting ready to leave for school when I heard the phoebes going crazy. I ran out and a 4 foot black snake was up in the nest with one of the chicks in its mouth. I thought to leave nature alone, but I couldn’t. I got the broom out and with the handle pushed the snake off the nest. It fell to the ground with the chick still in its mouth and unfortunately another chick also fell. I could see that there were still 2 chicks up in the nest, so I thought it was a fair balance. When I got home in the evening, the female was back on the nest so my good deed worked.

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