Saturday, June 22, 2013

my trip north 2

The photo shoot turned out well but it was hard work. Jose was fine and he knew what he was doing but the fishing was very hard. I got no hits on the main branch and only two fish on Biscuit Brook. Jose got one after I showed him the roll cast. We drove back and after a mediocre dinner at Bella Fortuna (still quite expensive) I dropped him off in South Fallsburg. I drove toward Roscoe and stopped at a McDonalds to send Nina my photos of the Catskill Center. It was very trying since my computer kept telling me my e-mail box was full so I had to delete a lot of stuff to be able to send. I stayed at the Roscoe campground again. On Tuesday morning I drove up to the Beaverkill and rode my bike then headed for Bennington. I stopped to play golf in Stamford and though I played poorly, I still broke 50. I decided to camp out and I ended up at the place I stayed last time, Greenwood Lodge. It turned out to be pretty easy to get to and it was actually a lovely place even if the owners were a little weird. I went back into town after fishing the stream that goes up the mountain and I caught one nice trout. Then I drove into town to eat at the Madison Brew Pub and then watch the rest of the game at Ryan’s before I headed back to the campground. I slept well and then I did my yoga and showered before I headed into town for coffee and an egg and cheese bagel. I decided to start on a new project (which I will reveal when and if I write 20,000 words). I decided to fish Roaring Branch near East Arlington and the hurricane damage was significant, with the road washed out after two miles. I fished an absolutely lovely stretch but only got one trout on a dry before switching to a nymph with no luck. I drove up to Manchester and stayed at Camping on the Battenkill, and that was a good idea. The river runs right next to the campground. I drove into town for dinner at the Equinox Inn and it was superb (maple glazed salmon being the entree). After a short walk to the falls, I watched Man of Steel and found that pretty good despite the mediocre reviews. On Thursday morning I did my yoga and then rode up to the Duncan Donuts to keep working on my new project. Then it was time to head up to Poultney to play golf and fish the Mettawee. I was pretty awful playing but I still shot a 47, with my play much better in the last few holes. My fishing wasn’t much better, and though I fished very hard, I got only one hit. I drove back to Camping on the Battenkill and practiced my sax (the second day in a row) and then did my hour bike ride. Now it was time to head to Mulligans to watch the seventh game and it was something. It was close throughout and if Tim Duncan hadn’t missed an easy shot late and Manu Ginobli hadn’t made a couple of mistakes, the Spurs could have won. It was the best series I can remember and I did feel bad for the Spurs who really should have won it in six games. On Friday morning I did my yoga and then drove to New York State where I stopped to write on my project and then to drive toward the Catskills. The drive along Catskill creek was quite scenic and I eventually rode my bike near Sundown and then went for an icy dip. I found a place to camp and then just made it for Monsters University at 7. After it was over I decided to head on toward Scranton to cut down tomorrow’s drive and I ended up at a campground about 20 miles from Scranton, exhausted and upset about the terrible signage leading me to campground.

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