Tuesday, June 25, 2013

more trees down in the hollow

On Sunday I got up pretty early, and started on my way home. I did not write but I did ride my bike at JMU and then play golf at Ingleside where I shot a 49 by sinking a seven foot putt on the last hole. I got home around 4:00 and ran into the campers. I joined them for a dip in the river and then headed up to the hollow to find that a windstorm had knocked down a number of trees and there was no way I could clear all of them. I walked down to the pasture, called David then called Mike and fortunately Mike and his friend were able to come out in an hour and clear the major blowdown, a tangled mess of three big trees. I paid them well for coming out on a Sunday and then I was back home. I decided to go into town for a movie and got to see Monsters University, which was good but not as good as the first movie. On Monday I did my walk and then did yoga but I couldn’t do weights because I hurt my back cutting up the first bunch of trees. I went into town and got my truck checked out (during which I got back into writing on my project), ordered another spare for the Alaska trip, and then drove back to the hollow to meet Corey and get the generator back. That went well and then I went into BBurg to walk the trail with Rob and catch up on the news, none of which was very crucial. Following that I went to see Mud, which was a great movie. Tuesday morning I did my writing and then took my walk up to the orchard where I trimmed the briars and called Gyorgyi to wish her a happy 60th. Next I talked to Alfredo about my planned gift. I do hope he and Kelly accept it and I know it will help them with their house hunting. Back to the house for some flower identification (Canada anemone, enchanter’s nightshade and honewort), some more trimming and some yoga and house cleaning and then off to Barnes and Noble. My preparation for Alaska is going well.

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