Friday, June 28, 2013

leaving on Monday

It is Friday afternoon and I have finished playing golf (a 45 on the back nine with a 6 on the first hole) and getting my second spare tire. Scott came out from Dodson and treated the house and there are not too many things left to do. I have the Canada maps together and I just have to get the national forest maps ready. I also have to pack the kayak stuff but I should do that tomorrow since Sunday is going to be very busy with David coming to cut the leaning trees and my dinner plans with Cathy Gallo. My walk this morning was pretty good even though it was hot since I didn’t sleep well and I got up at 8:30. The flowers include Oxeye, enchanters, wild hydrangea, deptford pink, heal all, white avens, Canada anemone, honework, common St. John’s wort. On Wednesday I finished trimming the road and the orchard so that is done and this morning I cleaned out the truck and washed the cupholders. I am within a few hours of being ready to leave. I have to pick up meds on Sunday at walmart. Issac came and replaced the broken fan so that is all finished.

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